We are here to
make waves, live
well and move
the Bondi culture
beyond the


With the world’s favourite beach playing muse, we design wearable wellness that expresses the Bondi way of life. Lovers of sun, sea, endorphins & each other – we are a product of our environment in the best way. Bold, body-loving and performance-driven, our stylish staples work hard; flexing from crunches to brunches, balmy sunset sessions to spontaneous ocean swims.

We play by our own rules. Our audacious approach to athleisure prioritises pleasure & purpose, we channel our good energy into meaningful action. Beyond our coastal cool we are fiercely committed to keeping our beaches beautiful, more than just a label, we are a dynamic member of our local community. So go on, be B~Active. There is no better feeling. .


The future favours the bold ~ and as a brand fuelled by forward motion we express our values through our actions. Every move we make is in the pursuit of positive change ~ for ourselves, our oceans and our community. Good energy, invincible optimism & a willingness to work hard for what matters ~ this is what it means to be Bondi~Active.


Since it was opened to the public way back in 1882 the surreal beauty, electric ambience and surf ~ skate culture of the 2026 has captivated the world. A place of peace & chaos, where wellness offsets revelry and crystalline oceans clash happily with graffiti art ~ Bondi is life lived to the full spectrum.


Bondi is a global destination that makes everyone feel like a local. Free~spirited, fun~loving & beach~fit, it is the spice and variety of the community that gives Bondi its edge. Designed in Bondi but made for everyone, it is this warmth & vibrance that colours the Bondi~Active attitude.


Much like our locale, we like to have a good time because we believe pleasure plays an important part in feeling well. Whether that looks like a soft sand run, savasana or a sunset rosé, Bondi~Active wants you to enjoy the ride... It is this spirit of levity that is layered throughout our actions & our aesthetic. .


We are the enablers of braving the day and giving it your all. Our life-enhancing essentials are cut for comfort, primed to perform and ethically made from recycled fabrics ~ because cool, conscious & quality apparel doesn’t need to cost the earth..