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Article: Inaugural Bondi Active Woman of the Year with Olivia King - International Women’s Day 2023

Inaugural Bondi Active Woman of the Year with Olivia King - International Women’s Day 2023

As we celebrate our gal pals around the world this International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to shout out the incredible strength, perseverance and determination of all female athletes around the globe who continue to push boundaries and break barriers.

From the Olympic podium to local Bondi fitness classes, we celebrate women who get us pumped up with their laser-focused dedication to their craft and commitment to smashing their goals.

To get this International Women’s Day in full swing, we sat down with Olivia King, an ex-professional athlete and Bondi local to celebrate us crowning her ‘Bondi Active Woman of the Year’.

“Being a female athlete is just super empowering.” - @oliviaeking

One of Olivia’s proudest achievements in her sporting career was becoming the Canadian under 23 Woman's Champion in the single scull in rowing.

As a Canadian, she moved to the sports-lovers playground of Bondi, over 3 years ago.

It’s not just the beach that’s providing the good times (and photo opportunities)

Olivia hails Bondi as an amazing place to live, with an authentic community that values active living and social connections.

“It’s such a testament to how sport and community, especially in Bondi, can bring people together,” said Olivia.

A 24-hour race, 128km and one determined woman

In 2022, Olivia ran 128 kilometres on the Bondi Promenade as part of the 1440 24-hour race….solo. The Bondi Active team were proud to be a part of this event and cheer Olivia on.

“I pushed my own boundaries, but I couldn't have done it without the community in Bondi.”

We asked Olivia “As a role model for young women and girls, what message would you like to share about the importance of pushing boundaries and breaking barriers?”

“Just go for it. Especially when you think you can't do it, you're always going to surprise yourself that you're capable of way more than you ever thought,” she said.

“I use things like athletic achievements or performances to put my hand up for a team or sports I’ve never done before.”

Being a female athlete can be filled with many challenges and obstacles…we wanted to know how Olivia hopes to inspire the next generation of female athletes.

“Sport really does have the power to bring people together. It has the power to give anybody a voice,” said Olivia.

“What I think I stand for or what I preach is to not take no for an answer and to always make sure you're pushing the limit.”

“Sport is a really awesome way to express yourself. So even though I'm not a professional athlete anymore, I definitely use sport and daily activity to express myself - to relieve stress, to push myself if I'm not being challenged at work or if I'm in a rut at work. I set goals, athletic goals, and achieving those like I’m ticking the box still.”

Bondi Active is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and take a moment to reflect on the achievements of women like Olivia, who have blazed a trail for others to follow.

We’ll always support and empower women to B-Active ~ everywhere.

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