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What is Refundid

Refundid provides shoppers instant refunds for their online returns. No more waiting for your order to be shipped back and checked, with Refundid you receive your refund in under 30 seconds.



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Refundid - Instant refunds
  1. Ensure your items are in their original condition, clean and with tags attached
  2. Enter your details above or click here to receive your full refund instantly and purchase a pick-up or drop-off return shipping label.
  3. Ship your items back to Bondi Active

Bondi Active
PO Box 40
Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Can I receive my refund before shipping back my items?

Yes! With Refundid you receive your refund even before dropping your items at the post office. Simply follow Refundid’s 3 step process to receive your refund instantly and ship your items within 3 days.

Does it Cost?

Refundid is completely free for all customers meaning you can receive your full refund instantly at no additional cost.

What do I do After Receiving My Refund from Refundid?

After using Refundid your refund process is complete.

If you have not shipped back your items, you must do so either with a shipping label purchased from Refundid or arranged externally. If you arrange your own return shipping you must provide Refundid with the relevant shipping tracking number. Please add this shipping tracking number through your Refundid account.

For any questions related to the shipping tracking number, please reach out to Refundid here.

Where do I Receive My Refund?

When signing up to Refundid you’re prompted to provide your BSB and Account Number. Refundid pays you instantly into this account.


For more information, check out Refundid's FAQ at