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Article: 5 tips for motivating you towards your fitness goals in 2023

5 tips for motivating you towards your fitness goals in 2023

When it comes to fitness and New Year’s resolutions, it’s no secret that they are sometimes a challenge to stick to. We’ve all been there! It goes something like this… starting off ambitiously (think 200 sit-ups a day) and then quickly falling by the wayside, only to resurface again come the next year. 
So in true Bondi Active spirit, we like to play by our own rules, and that means setting small and actionable fitness goals to make changes for the long term.
Here are our top tips for motivating you and your fitness goals in 2023...

Try a new fitness idea
The future favours the bold ~ It might be time to step out of your comfort zone and think about fun ways to get active. Start by mixing up your workouts with a new fitness routine. F45 Bondi Beach will be kicking off their next Challenge next Monday 30th January. Why not give it a go? Bonus ~ you can train for free until the start of the challenge if you sign up. Click here for more info

Find a friend to train with
Your alarm goes off…Time to head to your morning cardio class. ‘Who cares if I skip?’ you think to yourself. You vow to go tomorrow instead. But what if you had planned to go with a pal? That changes things. Not only can you not flake, but it’s also just so much more fun getting to catch up, while also doing your workout. This year, it’s time to grab a friend and team up to hold each other accountable as well as kick your fitness goals.

Track your wins (& give yourself a little treat)
Progress doesn’t happen overnight. Seeing results takes time and commitment. The best way to stick to your fitness goals is to track your progress. You can even reward yourself for your dedication. The most obvious way of tracking your progress would be to let technology take the lead. Smartwatches and apps are there to help measure your fitness. But tracking doesn’t have to be all numbers, why not keep a fitness journal (or a note in your phone), take some before and after shots or (our favourite) feel how your clothes fit.

Freshen up your fitness wardrobe
Which leads us to our next tip! Look good while doing it by investing in bold, body-loving and performance-driven staples. The studies don’t lie… it’s proven that investing in quality workout gear can improve performance by boosting confidence. We’ve got just the get-up for you. Click here to check out our collections.

Check out community activities
When it comes to working out, there’s some truth to the old adage ‘strength in numbers.’ The Bondi Active way is all about being a dynamic member of our local community. Why not shake things up in your workout routine and check out the community activities in your local area?

So go on, be B~Active in 2023. There is no better feeling. 

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