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Article: Our Top 7 Outdoor Training Locations in and around Bondi

Our Top 7 Outdoor Training Locations in and around Bondi

Calling Australia’s unofficial outdoor training capital home, there’s no surprise we love an outdoor workout at Bondi Active. Outdoor workouts increase energy levels, help up your vitamin d exposure and even better ~ fresh air and increased oxygen help release the feel-good brain chemical, serotonin ~ so your outdoor workout isn’t just about getting fit and healthy but bringing the good vibes to your daily routine too.

We’ve rounded up our top picks for outdoor training sessions around Bondi ~ so go on, get out there and B~active, there’s no better feeling.

1. North Bondi Outdoor Gym

A true Australian fitness mecca, the outdoor gym at North Bondi has been an iconic training spot for over 15 years. Featuring a multi-bench, sit-up and leg raise station and the famous Bondi bars this iconic gym is the cornerstone of the Bondi fitness community. Don’t forget to cool down with a post-workout dip.

2. Marks Park Outdoor Gym

This scenic Outdoor Gym is below Marks Park, Tamarama, and can be accessed via Marks Lane. This gym has calisthenics equipment in a hub designed for strength training and next to a solid flight of stairs if you really want to amp up your workout. Bonus ~ it’s dog friendly!

3. Tamarama stairs

Interval training more your thing? Feel the burn on the Tamarama stairs! Just behind Tamarama park you’ll find three sets of stairs ~ The most challenging are at the back heading up to Birrell Street. A long track of stairs with a few little switchbacks along the way. A couple of rounds of these and your heart rate will be through the roof.

4. Icebergs

Open to the public all year round the famous Bondi Baths have been a historical landmark of Bondi Beach for over 100 years. Featuring a 50m lap pool, stunning views and water straight from the ocean ~ this is the perfect place to get those laps in.

5. Christison Park

Located a little out of Bondi in nearby Vaucluse Christison Park features 5 separate fitness stations all overlooking the cliffs. Walk to Christison along the cliffs from Bondi for a picturesque extended warm up. The stations are designed for strength, cardio and mobility training and even feature moveable equipment. There are also basketball courts, flat fields and a stadium to run up.

6. Burrows park

Extend your Bondi to Bronte walk and you’ll make it to Clovelly. Just north of Clovelly Beach overlooking the ocean is Burrows Park. This new gym contains 18 pieces of low impact strength and cardio equipment including a treadmill, chest press, seated row, spinning bike and cross trainer. Locals tip ~ this is another great spot to take your pup!

7. Bondi Beach

We couldn’t do a list of outdoor training spots without including our beautiful beach. The sand stretches out for 1km. Perfect for some soft sand runs to get your heart rate soaring without the high impact on your joints from hitting the pavement. Break it up with some lunges, push-ups and crunches at each ramp for a full body workout and finish off with an ocean dip.

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