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Article: Bondi Active Launches New Riptide Collection | Bondi Active

Bondi Active Launches New Riptide Collection | Bondi Active

Bondi Active Launches New Indigenous-Inspired Collection in partnership with The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

Bondi Active is proud to unveil our latest collection, Riptide, which has been created in collaboration with The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), supporting their vital work in First Language. The Riptide Collection features artwork from the Living First Language Platform Company. 

'Connection' and 'conversation' in sync 

Each of the elements in the Riptide Collection carries special significance and represent  concepts such as 'connection' and 'conversation', in synergy with ALNF’s mission to help marginalised people, including First Nations, refugees and other vulnerable Australians, gain vital language, literacy and communication skills. 

Briony Oayda, Managing Director of Bondi Active, is thrilled about the new partnership with ALNF, with the launch of Riptide the first project in an ongoing relationship:

“Both movement and education are privileges not everyone is granted. We're excited about working with The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, in a collaboration which can help to amplify The Living First Language Platform, in particular, as First Languages are disappearing at a faster rate than anywhere in the world,” she says.  

Kim Kelly, Executive Director at ALNF: “We are driven by a vision of an Australia that promotes the human right of First Nations peoples to enjoy the freedoms offered by literacy, to have an education in their mother tongue, and to participate and thrive in public life using their language. We’re so proud to be partnering with the team at Bondi Active, who is committed to standing with us to be a part of this change,” she says.

Creating change by preserving Indigenous languages

Here in Australia, there are more than 250 Indigenous languages, including 800 dialects. Each language is specific to a particular place and people. However, only 40 languages are still spoken, with just 12 being learned by children. ALNF’s vision is to preserve Indigenous languages through The Living First Language Platform.

The purpose of this initiative is to revitalise and teach Indigenous languages through the development of community-driven and interactive digital literacy apps. This technology is about bridging cultural divides, fostering resilience, encouraging literacy, and importantly, passing Indigenous languages onto the next generation. 

Riptide Collection launch

The Riptide Collection, which has been meticulously designed in-house in close consultation with ALNF, will launch on Friday, 16 February on and at our flagship Bondi store on Gould Street. Ten per cent of all profits from the collection will be donated to the ALNF in support of their Living First Language Program.

Every purchase from the Riptide Collection contributes to this significant cause. 

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